Every stone that you pick up you will find mastromanoli above (manoli piperaki) !

I was born and live in a small village in the Prefecture of Heraklion the most. I learned the art of "stone" before about 60 years ago. Even before going to the city the game was my soil and stones. When I was in primary school i had a spoon i'd have plate as a mortar to be supplied to them by others and i always in my Bag. Never read trip advisor but i build cottages as well as wood and if i ate from my mother and my teacher i do not understand anything. So the teacher me to pass from one class to another with the defrees about manufacture things and the report to be very good.
The teacher i had my copies as a mock-ups the houses of the village, what i loved, with balconies and stairs and came to our house found my parents and it recommended to go to become master builder. And that is what happened. The stone is a material which loved and i love you now even more because it is timeless and cannot damage it i take one little stone and do youmake it speak. I attached with the solid material and have noted all the secrets. I wrote and paper to pass over the art and secrets, I began courses for knoweledge of builfing with strone. So i was now i in Greece learning others how to build correct with stone. I believe that there are still some old construction peopel perhaps better than me but not say here we. I wish to become many leave possible legacy good built in future generations. It is a great honor for me to represent the old construction peopel and i must in all honesty not a word of what I have learned and have learned and those of others.
Why not let your kids to pursue the profession that they would satisfy themselves and will help you and other people.

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