I learned the art of stone FREE and for FREE i will teach others


With the aim and purpose to teach what I love to build with stone, organize and continue to organize throughout Greece seminars. Below we quote what they have achieved so far.

Seminars at Zaros 2016

Seminars for mechanist at Heraklio
Seminars at Xifiani
Seminars at Agio Oros
Seminars at Varkiza
Seminars at Pentamodi
Seminars at Larisa 2012
Seminars at Agio Oros 2015
Seminars at Agios Vlassis 2011
Seminars at Chania 2012
Seminars at Agia Varvara 2009
Visit at ancient Kavala
Seminar in Kolympari in the Orthodoxe Academy Crete.

25  Students came from German Faculty and make their practical exercise with their schoolteachers. Thats why they become good professionals that know theory and action. 19  years ... each year come the graduates of faculty, with speciality in the gardens with Stone, scales, mosaics, kalterimia and remaining.
For the next time the Academy proposes becomes an other team of 10 individuals with Greeks for the paving of courtyard of old church and I teach of them.
The children from Germany was plesed and they remained very thanked with that I learn to them. The clap that generous and prolific they gave me they were really without stoped and I thank them for this.

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