Can be supplied

it from the bookshops in the all Greek territory or even if you send to me an email with your elements.

Learn to build Stone


This book is a particularly rich manual for the correct building of stone. Very descriptive and analytical, analyzes the building of stone, the special notes different rock types, and buildings, and gives and rich instructions for beginners, but also advice on stone carvings.
In total 160 pages of beautiful manual and with the experience of 55 years described among other good practices for building furnace, for stone bridge, to build tall walls, modern buildings, basic, angles, stairs and πατητήρια. Further reference is made to "International Park Sculptures", in Αγιοθήριδα of Crete but also in unique stone wonders throughout the territory of Greece. There are also camera reference architectures to Mount Athos. The pages of the book came with rich photo and explanatory material. The book also comes in English and German.


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