Manolis Piperakis
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Until now I am 76 years old. I have been building stone for 52 years, and for 36 years I have taught her the right building. The responsibility and the intensity I have in each seminar is very long it is time to hand over the baton to my worthy young children who have the opportunity to continue this great work that I stop.

In these 36 years I taught the stone, all my students were extremely children as if I had chosen one and made me proud. I see them as my children. Only 2 incidents that saddled me. It was in seminars I made at Mount Athos at different times. then I was giving a donation but the students paid only my travel expenses but there was an unhappiness in both cases I felt disappointed and stopped teaching without paying even a little

For the 2018 Seminars ...

until now they have expressed their interest in the summer and the one-week seminars in 4 areas, but we do not have exact dates. The first you will look like in Ikaria and the second in Lefkada rather April or May depending on the weather phenomena at that time. The third will be "Paparousi" in a beautiful village in Evritania. And the fourth will be in technical schools in Larissa about July. There is also the thought of another being made on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. That newer will announce it on this site. The exact dates of the seminars will be announced one month in advance for each individual seminar. Those who are interested in attending one of these seminars can call me at 6937 032 422 or send me an email and register.

For Municipalities and Cultural Associations

If you want to organize a weekly Seminar as Municipality, the Cultural Association will be of great value to be all the students from the same place and to work a work that will stay forever in your place and some craftsmen come out to have them.


First the god until the summer to have good health and everything will be done as it should.