The art of build with stone


Today in this era we live miserable, everyone complains that it has no job, no money.
In building stone ladies my friends, working thousands of people, mostly foreigners, most of them art built the stone here and learned in a day.
That must learn and teach it to your friends. We need to learn all that is the right of the stone building, because enriching some of our ignorance and leave behind their walls and houses ready to collapse into a disaster.



From left: Pear (large, small), angle bars, Tsapepa or Thrapina small and great, Malas or Trowel For building stone hammers (large small), Thread level or weighing, Malas or trowel for plaster, sax, Maladaki, wire , brush scrubbing (Bantanovourtsa) to have a nice break-the last state, these three tools is to make good mortar and finally what back the featheredge).



Today it is fashionable to clean the walls and project the stone with mortar and new creation was stone houses with the same do. This has the risk to have high humidity in the home if not done correctly the jointing.

1st One of the key points is when the mortar joint to make the home a great little stone presses the mud at the edge so it will easily crack the joint to pass through water from the rains.

2nd wall that is from the old home clean thoroughly with water much pressure empty the dirt to enter the deep mortar.

3rd mud that we use is soft and not hard that our suits us Handymen.

4th the joint to succeed takes a lot of press mud maladaki with the spoon.

5th before we start the mortar must have rained the wall very well unless it is winter and have enough moisture and then risk not pull mud and difficult you to finish the sanding.

6th great importance when playing rub the brush the mud do not stay on the brush but not be very dry because not well close the cracks that has made the mud and did not pave the joint is well. If what you are grouting wall you should look very good throughout the stone. On each stone or gravel should be a mud path.

7th immediately after the finish of the wire brush gets a soft brush is made from grass and said bantanovourtsa. (is for peas).

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